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We are ready to help anyone who needs technical support. Given our vast experience and the fact that we work with more than 150 servers, rest assured that we will provide a solution in the blink of an eye.

Network Operation Center

Network Operation Center

  • Oversight
  • Experience
  • Awareness

Our Network Operation Center is available 24/7.

If something happens, we will be the ones to contact you!

An administrator is just a phone call away.

Hire a system administrator who is available 24/7 and who always knows what is happening on your system.

Support for local system operators

Since we work with more than 150 systems and as a team we have more than enough experience, we can provide solutions in the blink of an eye.

Level 2 Support

Level 2 Support

  • Technical support
  • 24/7 availability
  • Planning
  • Administration

Sometimes you just need help with more complicated questions.

  • A helping hand for the local administraor
  • A planner for large projects
  • Experienced technical support for your IT workers, available 24/7
    Every day our team encounters problems that you run into once a year. Make sure we save you time in solving these crises and let us take over the more complicated tasks
  • Administration for systems which are out of your area of expertise

System Administration on Call

System Administration on Call

Consulting and assistance for in-house computer experts in administrating IT environments.

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